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NICARAGUA 2014, Nov. 26-Dec. 13

BURMA 2015, Jan.28-Feb.13

SICILY 2015, Sept.26-Oct.14

Taking registrations


 "What I most often tell my students about our Discovery Art Tour experience with Denys James was how affordable and convenient it was to have it all planned out by a professional. The transportation was great, our accommodations were comfortable and interesting, the food was good and each stop along the way was an adventure. We never would have seen as much of the local culture without considerable research and it is too time consuming to learn enough to travel with confidence to exotic places you've never been. Life is short, you have to take advantage of it while you can. As an artist/globetrotter himself, Denys knows how to put together a unique travel experience that is culturally fascinating and comfortable while still being adventurous and creatively stimulating.

I look forward to our next trip together"

Bill Abright-Artist/Professor-Ceramics, College of Marin, Kentfield, CA

Discovery Art Travel
Creative Travel - Learning Vacations

Explore Ceramics, Art, History and Architecture
in Sicily, Burma, Nicaragua and Morocco

November 26 - December 13, 2014

Colourful colonial architecture, pre-Columbian ceramics, coffee culture and volcanos.


 Walk through streets lined with colourful houses; discover buzzing markets and hidden alleyways.

Visit cathedrals and churches influenced by baroque, neoclassic, gothic and colonial styles.

See pre-Columbian ceramics and statues and learn how ancient techniques are being continued by contemporary artists.

Enjoy a walk around a steaming crater and a swim surrounded by volcanos.

Relax in a lush colonial courtyard with a specialty coffee made of Nicaraguan beans or a classic cocktail.



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BURMA (Myanmar) Ceramic Tour with Denys James

BURMA (Myanmar)
2015, January 28 - February 13 Taking Registrations

Folk Potteries, ancient temples, traditional city and village life. Locations include: Yangon, Inle Lake, Mandalay, Sagaing, Bagan.

MOROCCO Ceramic Tour with Denys James

October 26 -November 16, 2015

 Visit the Imperial cities of Rabat, Meknes
Explore the ancient Roman ruins and mosaics at Volubilis
Wander the narrow lanes of Chefchaouen with its red tiled roofs and bright blue buildings.
Work with the women potters in the hilltop village of D'Har
Discover Berber traditional pottery,
adobe architecture,  Moroccan tile art,
and traditional crafts in Morocco.
Visit the potteries in Sale and Safi -producers of highly decorated and brightly coloured glazed wares.
Enjoy Moroccan food, music, gardens.
Learn about Moroccan history, culture, customs from  our on -board guide and interpreter.

SICILY Ceramic Tour with Denys James

SICILY 2015, September 26-October 14

An exciting exploration of this diverse Italian island, rich in its ceramics, history, architecture, food and wine.

Turkey Ceramic Tour with Denys James



Laos,Angkor Wat Ceramic Tour with Denys James

Laos,Angkor Wat

Lombok,Bali Ceramic Tour with Denys James


 CRETE, GREECE, Ceramic Tour with Denys James